Commercial Moves

When it comes to being the best in the business, smooth transitions are critical for success.

Admiral moving truckAt Admiral Moving & Storage, our business is in ensuring that moving to your new office is your most successful transition on record!

No two offices are alike. From the size of the building and number of workers to the complexities of products, technology, subdivisions, equipment, paperwork and décor, your office is a unique environment with specific needs and varying schedules. These are the details that make the office profitable, and in business, miscommunication means lost profit. So when it comes time to move your organization to a more suitable location, minimizing frustration and confusion becomes top priority!

But moving your business doesn’t have to be a headache.

Admiral specializes in meeting the needs of individual businesses.
  • Are you a sole entrepreneur finally getting out of your home and into an office building?
  • Are you a facilities manager with 5 employees in a two-room suite, or 5,000 employees in a multi-story office building?
  • Is your move local or long-distance?
  • Do you need equipment, inventory, or computers moved?
  • Will you require space validation and reporting?
  • Are you looking to outsource installation once you arrive at your new location?

Admiral’s professionally trained movers, installers, technicians and logistics managers are reliable, experienced and ready to handle all of these options and more!

Successful Relocation Requires Planning.

When it comes to moving your business, detailed planning equals a streamlined move! Admiral Moving & Storage starts early to prepare for your relocation, coming alongside you to ensure that you have the best possible moving experience.

  1. Pre-Move Consultation

    Admiral’s logistics managers visit your current location to assess what items will need to be moved.

  2. Floor Planning

    We visit your new office, and get the details on where you expect each item or group of items to be placed.

  3. Move Plan Development

    We plan out how each piece of your office will actually be moved, specifically the larger and more intricate items.

  4. Employee Seminars & Direction

    Admiral helps you provide training seminars for your employees, to educate them on what will be happening, minimize confusion and optimize cooperation.

  5. Relocation!

    Between color coding, de-installation and re-installation, asset management and piece-by-piece handling of your computers and electronics, Admiral’s systematic approach to moving your business move will have you setup and productively working in your new office before you know it!