Residential Moves

We’re professional movers, helping you successfully move into your new home, pain free.

At Admiral Moving & Storage, we make it our mission to move you into your new home as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Whether that means loading up trucks and transporting your belongings safely to your new location, handling special items so you can be confident that they’ll arrive in one piece, or carefully packing your entire house from top to bottom – Admiral’s professionally trained moving teams let you take your mind off the move!

Our teams of trained professional movers are equipped to handle a wide variety of items, including furniture, appliances, glassware, computers, clothing, musical instruments, and select plants. With over 65 years of experience in residential moving, we have the equipment and expertise to securely pack all of these items and ensure that they are not damaged during transportation.

Should you choose to pack your own home, you automatically assume a major portion of the responsibility for packing everything according to specific standards.

Tips on How to Pack Moving FAQ

Four Steps to a Low-Stress Move

  1. Four to Six weeks Before Your Move

    Conduct an inventory of your belongings, deciding what to move and what not to move, and arrange for packing. Admiral Moving & Storage can provide special packing cartons and handle any packing you require!

  2. Two to Three Weeks Before Your Move

    Prepare any prescriptions and immunization records for family or pets, and arrange for shipments of plants and animals. Safely dispose of or give away all flammable items (paints, paint removers, etc.) as they will be impossible to move.

  3. The Week Before Your Move

    Defrost refrigerator and freezer, disposing of remaining frozen foods, and clean oven. Separate items to be carried with you from items to be loaded onto trucks.

  4. Moving Day 

    Pack a box of move-in basics (tools, paper products, household cleaners, etc.), and be sure to have it loaded last so that it will be easily accessible when you reach your new residence. When everything is out, don’t forget to close windows, make sure all the lights are out, and lock the doors before you set off for your new home!

More Tips for Planning Your Move